Reactors, generators


Installation of such complex power equipment as turbines, generators, stators, reactors, etc., requires special attention and precise execution of works. It is caused by the high value of the equipment to be installed and the enhanced responsibility of the performer of the works as we work with the heart of the power producing unit.

Keen Mark Group of Companies has considerable experience in transportation, installation of the power equipment of leading manufacturers such as Siemens, GE, Power Machines, etc. We carried out works for the most significant objects of the Power Industry in Russia and abroad, among our clients are Leningrad NPP -2, Verkhnetagilskaya TPP, Nyaganskaya TPP, Belarus NPP (Belarus), Belene NPP (Bulgaria) and many others.

Having at our disposal our own unique fleet of specialized equipment, Keen Mark has proved to be a reliable forwarding agent, carrier and assembler of turbines, generators, stators, reactors and other power equipment.

If a customer entrusts Keen Mark to carry out the whole complex of works on transportation and installation, we guarantee:

1. Development and preparing of the Project Execution Plan (PPR),

2. Selection of vehicles for transportation, taking into account necessity of going into a shop,

3. Zero motor vehicle idle time expenses in case of not providing rigging equipment and vice versa,

4. Tight interaction with chef-installer company or manufacturer,

5. Strict observance of the requirements of the manufacturer concerning cargo fastening and slinging,

6. Only certified equipment and materials are used during the installation.