Loading, transportation and unloading of the transport lock

Loading, transportation and unloading of the transport lock
Year of implementation
Type of cargo
Weight of cargo
91 т.
Type of work

In September 2018, the specialists of Keen - Mark" delivered a transport lock to the construction site of Leningrad NPP-2.

This is the last large-sized equipment designed for the reactor building of the power unit No. 2. The heavy cargo was delivered to a special pier in Sosnovy Bor from the production site of JSC Tyazhmash. Transportation of the lock was carried out with the use of specialized road transport and water transport.
At the beginning of the transport gateway took a long way of 2100 km by water (the Volga river, lake Onega and the Gulf of Finland). Then the specialists of company "Keen-Mark” rolled out the lock from the barge by ro-Ro method. On the pier, by means of a hydraulic gantry, the lock was reloaded from a modular trailer to a special rolling stock, which includes a low-profile transport bed to reduce the height of the road train.
After the transportation of the lock, it was unloaded by means of the gantry system at the storage site for subsequent transportation for installation.

The transport lock refers to NPP containment safety systems and separates the reactor zone from the clean zone. The lock is designed for transportation of the fuel to the reactor building, removal of spent nuclear fuel containers and radioactive waste containers, as well as for transportation of transport and technological equipment, necessary for operation, maintenance and repair of reactor plant equipment.

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