Machinery Moving

Installation, moving and set-up of various equipment can be a challenge even for specialized rigging companies. They can face some difficulties with unloading, installation, upending, moving of critical pieces of heavy machinery such as presses, automotive molding machines, heavy machine units and etc. Confined space and low ceilings do not allow to use automobile cranes. Not all sites are equipped with crane beams of sufficient loading capacity. These factors can make the works extremely difficult and expensive. One of the standard ways of solving such tasks can be dismantling of walls and roofs of facilities. It allows to use cranes with super big loading capacity.

Dismantling of outdate machines for utilization or movement can result in considerable difficulties. The main problems are connected with the following aspects:


1. No precise drawings of the dismantled machines are available.

Quite often the machines to be dismantled have been working on the site for decades, repeatedly passing from one owner to another. In such situation drawings with the indication of weight parameters and other information such as hidden anchor bolts etc. are often lost. In our practice there were cases when the difference in the actual weight from the assumed one turned out to be 30-40%.


2. Extremely constrained conditions of works.

Often heavy machines are installed during the construction of the plant. In this case it is possible to use automobile cranes of big loading capacity as there are no walls and ceiling grids. Not heavy and more easy-to-install equipment has not been installed yet. Usually there is no enough space when we have to diamante the old machines. No automobile cranes can be used. In these cases it is more convenient to use our hydraulic gantry systems.


3. The crane beams in the working shops are usually outdated and cannot carry the declared load capacity.

Keen-Mark has all the necessary equipment for solving any of these tasks. We have self-propelled modules with the loading capacity from 140 ton which enable us to fulfill any kind of work with any critical pieces of heavy machinery. Hydraulic Gantry systems allow us to fulfill any kind of works in the most confined spaces. These special technologies helps our clients to meet time and cost challenges.


Keen-Mark cooperates with a large number of rigging companies in Russia and abroad, offering our equipment for their projects. Itallows our partners to reduce the costs considerably for their customers and that in turn promotes attraction of bigger number of orders from our partners.